This is a testimony which is fresh from the oven. This morning I was meant to meet a potential client at 9 am. The weather in Malta these last days is not ideal to stay waiting outdoors with temperatures reaching 38 degrees Celsius in the shade. Ten minutes past 9 and the client still did not show up, I started to get edgy as I could feel the nerve wrecking sweat dripping from my head down to my back. Tried calling client two to three times on his mobile but to no avail. I waited frustrated till 9:30 am and than I left the place we had to meet.

All of a sudden I felt a sudden outbreak of prayer flowing through my lips and I ended up praying for this person and his family, praying for healing, praying for their salvation. Something totally opposite to what was running through my mind.

At least I felt released and free from any grudge towards this person and thanked God for that. Just half an hour ago, I received an sms from this person apologising for not contacting me as he spent the whole night with his son in hospital and thanks to God he feels better.

I started to praise God for giving me such an experience of spontaneous prayer which was beyond my control. This is a true sign that God is in control and always knows the bigger picture. Another reason why we should completely trust in Him and in His unchangeable Word.

May this testimony encourage you as it encouraged me.