The Lord is good and His mercy endures forever, blessed be His Holy Name. Who can stand into the presence of the Lord? Those who are pure in heart and are eager to please Him in everything they do.

We cannot achieve salvation on our own, this can only achieve through a personal relationship with Jesus as we accept him as our Lord and Saviour and let the Holy Spirit to transform us into Jesus’ likeness.

What a great joy to see more and more people who are embarking on this message and living not by sight but by faith. Revival and a great move of God will soon happen, will you be on board or will you regret it for eternity?

God is giving you the opportunity today to repent and turn to Him. Yes ALL fell short from God’s glory (did someone teach you to do wrong when you were young?) Certainly not my friend, wrong comes natural to us because we are born in a corrupt state.

The good news is that God paved the way through His Son Jesus through the shedding of His blood so that all those who believe in Him will have their sins washed away through Christ precious blood.

All it takes one step of faith as you open your heart to Him who is well able to give you life abundantly.

Now is your chance, no matter what you did in life, God is ready to clear everything for you 🙂 – I am excited as I know the Holy Spirit is speaking into your heart right now, just surrender 🙂