“Anyone can be a father but not everyone can be a daddy” This is a saying which really marked me during my first fatherhood months. Having lost my father at the age of 6, Father’s day was not marked as a celebration day in my calendar but one of sorrow.

Since my dad passed away when he was just 29 years old, I had a fix in mind that I would do the same and leave little children behind me just as he did. Therefore such anniversaries only augmented this fix in my mind forcing me to pass dull days on the verge of despair.

All this lasted till mid January 2005, the 16th to be exact. The day that I came to know the Father to the fatherless. Finally, my endless search for a father figure in my life has ended and after a lot of disappointments from men from various stages of my early life who were a let down at some point or another, I came in contact with THE NUMBER ONE DAD. The Father who is everything my earthly father could never be.

Yahweh through His Son Jesus and the infilling of the Holy Spirit managed to fill that vacuum in my life and from that day on I never looked back and could finally celebrate father’s day and other occasions knowing that He is on control and that in Him I live, move and have my being.

This message is for all those who lost their father or who resulted as a let down. The heavenly Father is waiting to embrace you with His endless love. Turn to Him and let Him surround you with His unfailing love.

Dedicated to:

To the number 1 Dad: El Shaddai

My Dad: Michael Costa

My Dad in Law: Paul Borg

…and finally to my beautiful daughter Chloe and my lovely wife my back bone Charmaine who made it possible for me to appreciate how beautiful is to be a daddy.