Reference: Acts 2:41-47

How many times we felt the need for God’s move in our midst especially when we were in direct contact with the Lord during praise and worship? The surest way we can obtain a state in which the Holy Spirit can move mightily is to go ‘back to basics’, right when the very first church was born.

In the reference scripture there is a key verse which should make us all reflect. Verse 43 states “The fear came over everyone, and many wonders and signs were being performed through the apostles”. The word fear is the greek translated word ‘phobos’ it can mean terror but also deep reference. The fear encountered by the apostles and disciples was out of a convicted heart of who the Lord God was. This laid out the perfect platform for the Holy Spirit to work and do great signs and wonders.

Deep reverence for someone can only be achieved if we spend time in getting to know that someone till the point of appreciation. What is the best way to get to know God than through His Word?

So getting to know someone enhances communication, constant communication enhances a relationship and a relationship gives birth to deep respect and reverence.

In light of all this, what is missing in today’s universal church? Are we allowing the necessary time for us to grow in our personal relationship with our Lord? Are we spending time with our fellow brethren in prayer and worship at the church?

Our enemy is doing his best to keep us busy. We need to stop and reflect. Are we truly spending time with the Lord or just having a quick fix through the morning, lunch and evening prayer?

Martin Luther wisely said “If I am going to have a busy day, I spend one hour with the Lord. If I am going to have a very busy day, I spend two hours with the Lord.”

This is a message with Satan does not want you to ponder. Do you want a mighty move in your personal life and at your church? We better see what our brethren did in acts and start ACTING accordingly.