“Why is God not moving in our midst?” This is the cry of a group of leaders in a small church in the Island of Malta.

Many reasons were brought during a brain storming session. Sexual immorality, people are worldly, lack of commitment, idols such as work, hobbies and others. One cannot disagree that these are all stumbling blocks in the Holy Spirit’s way to set His move forth. There is however another side of the coin. What if people continue to be unwilling to change, shall we find contentment in the status quo?

Remaining in a plateau will certainly be the beginning of the downfall. Revival, revival, revival! This has been the theme for weeks in Bible studies and Sunday sermons, yet stagnation was at the order of the day.

Does this church need more knowledge about what revival means and how it can be achieved? Certainly not, as all biblical aspects have been covered by its Pastor.

I am sure there are a lot of you who are reading this article who already have the answer bubbling in their hearts. That’s right for revival to happen it requires supernatural power

A small group within the church identified this need and went right to its source. ’On our knees’ – who else can bring the revival rather than the originator of THE revival? A faithful few sometimes even two people met regularly every week seeking the Lord’s face in faith and praying for a mighty move to happen in its midst.

The Lord was preparing the way and was strengthening this remnant for what was and is still yet to come. More church members were being added service after service. The Lord also convicted the heart of new comers in the Lord who are resulting to be pillars within the group by God’s grace and power. Healing, Word of revelations, spiritual bonding and love are flowing within this group and we can already see the Lord radiating the synergy within this group unto the Church in general.

The group now has a constant attendance of about 13 people, all glory be to God and this is just the beginning.

What about those issues you are struggling with right now? Are they too much for you to overcome? Join and commit to your church group and let the Lord move in those circumstances as you come together in prayer.

Yahweh says in Isaiah 56:7 ” I will… give you joy in my house of prayer… My Temple will be called a house of prayer for the people of all nations

“The church that prays together strengthens the ties of love that bind them together”