Winning a league title after 6 long awaited years is priceless and indescribable. However such a wonderful achievement could not mask the sadness which came upon the ‘Bianconeri’ fans now that they know that their star and legendary captain Alessandro Del Piero will be leaving the team after 19 years of joy and suffering together.

The glorious no. 10 champion, an authentic gentleman never complained even in dark times when he was relegated to the bench. He managed to become legendary not only because he broke every imaginable record as a Juventus player but through his simplicity and loyalty he quickly became the authentic example to follow. A player who was at the epic of his career and decided to go down to “hell” serie B for the love he has for His team. Juventus strength lies in the fact that there other key players like Buffon and others before him who followed the same suite. True loyal players who take football beyond the crude business aspect but give it a heart pumping with passion of thousands if not million fans around the globe.

Maybe it is the best way to leave for Del Piero as a winner. It is the satisfaction of a ‘ship’ captain who managed to lead the ship back into its harbour after continuos thunderstorms. Mission accomplished therefore for mighty Alex. It is certainly a see you later and not a goodbye.

We will greatly miss you captain!

From someone who grew up rejoicing with every goal of yours.